Anthony Marcus Durham: "Tony"

TonyThe gentle narrator; inconspicuous in personality despite his size. All-around nice guy and eater of sugar.

Animal: Bull
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 218
Age: 18

Quote: "Er...I dunno."

Major: "Well, I'm not sure. Science of some sort. I guess. I kinda like writing, tho. Um...I think pre-med is what I'm shooting for. Eventually. Maybe."

Room: 303 (roommate to Kevin & Brad)

Tony is basically a very nice guy; polite, soft-spoken, even tempered, considerate. But he certainly doesn't look the part and few people, especially women, expect him to be as quiet and shy as he is.

The years have beaten Tony's self-esteem into the ground. He spent most of his life exceedingly overweight due his rampant sweet tooth. Although he recently burned off the fat by taking up weight-training, his mind has yet to move beyond his childhood role of "The Fat Kid." Tony SketchHe's now hypersensitive about his appearance, particularly around females. His family always believed they knew what was best for him (and were quite wrong), and made all his decisions for him; consequently, he can't make any decisions now, and overthinks problems until it generally is too late. He shuns the spotlight, preferring to stay in the background, which makes him very well-suited for his role as the narrator of the strip...he is generally an observer to everyone else's craziness.

Perhaps college will loosen Tony up a bit and restore the self-confidence he has lost...

Human Version:
Human Tony

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