Danielle Rosalina Murrieta: "Dani"

DaniThe voice of authority; dorm monitor that "encourages" participation. Watch her clipboard!

Animal: Mouse
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 95
Age: 19

Quote: "I said, I want it quiet in here!"

Major: Business

Room: 301

Despite her tough exterior, Dani is really just doing her job as the Resident Assistant. As one of those dying breeds of students that actually believes in school spirit, she's determined to make college memorable to her charges. Dani SketchShe tries to get everyone involved in all dorm-related activities, especially around holidays. It disappoints her that most students couldn't care less about school spirit, which often means she has to resort to more...stringent means of encouraging participation. Since most resident assistants tend to be as lackadasical as the rest of the bunch, she takes it upon herself to bring up most of their slack and tends to work a lot harder at the job than she has to. Dani has a reputation for bopping guys with her clipboard. She's not a man-hater, but dislikes many male-related traits like chauvinism and machismo. Unfortunately both are abundant in this dorm...

Human Version:
Human dani

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