Persival Aloysius Kingston: "Biff"

BiffThe dumb jock; body by Nautilus, brains by PlaySkool. Makes no attempts to get along with anyone else.

Animal: Lion
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 215
Age: 20

Quote: "Whut're you lookin' at?"

Major: Physio-biodynamics (the fancy college term for P.E.)

Room: 302--a single, fortunately for everyone else

Some people are just born with no redeeming qualities. Biff is one of them. No hidden sensitive side, no deep dark secrets. Just a very rich family that caters to his every whim. All he cares about is playing football, so his family paid up to get him into DeMontfort so he would have college-football experience. To be fair, he is very good at football; 'course, that's about all he's good at. He's big, tough, dumb, bullying, and crude. He believes everyone (especially women) worships him since he's the campus quarterback, but in reality hardly anyone can stand him.

Human Version:
Human Biff

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