Kevin Makoto Nekohashi: "Kevin"

KevinThe smirking smartaleck; enjoys pestering those he doesn't like. Sedentary techno-geek and artist.

Animal: Housecat
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 135
Age: 18

Quote: "Bwahahaha!"

Major: "Mechie...that means mechanical engineering to you underinformed humanities slobs."

Room: 303 (roommate to Tony & Brad)

Glib and sarcastic, Kevin is the wiseacre of the floor. He can't resist a few pot shots at everyone, even close friends, but is utterly ruthless around people he dislikes. He's the brightest of the cast and can whip out insults faster than anyone else. Kevin SketchMost of the time he's trying to get laughs more than make actual personal attacks, but it still often gets him into trouble. Kevin despises physical activity of any sort, preferring art and computers to sports, and is very seldom seen in a position other than lying down or sitting. He actually has a slightly elitist attitude about being smart and tends to look down on less intellectual individuals. Unlike most identity-crisis-laden adolescents, Kevin is happy with his sendentary lifestyle and doesn't mind his "geek" label. Women like his decidedly 90's-male viewpoints, but he wishes more of them would take him seriously.

Human Version:
Human Kevin

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