Scott Douglas Sorrell: "Scott"

ScottThe team player; laid-back and "one of the guys". Vain and shallow, though.

Animal: Iguana
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 177
Age: 18

Quote: "'Sup?"

Major: Mathematics

Room: 305 (roommate to Mikey)

Scott, believe it or not, mostly serves at the straight man. He's laid-back and easy-going, so he gets along well with every other male of the cast (a rarity), probably being the only one patient enough to live in the same room as Mike. Scott SketchPerhaps he tends to overemphasize his "cool" image a bit too much, but it's usually forgiveable. He can relate easily to most guys since he's so well-versed on typical male subjects--women, sports, women, cars, women, exercise, women... Speaking of women, his main shortcoming is being extraordinarily vain. He believes himself to be the best-looking guy in the dorm and figures he can get a date with about any woman he desires. Actually, both are probably true. His problem, though, tends to be getting the SECOND date since he concentrates so much on his image, and not them...

Human Version:
Human Scott

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