Eric Bradley Hawthorne, Jr.: "Brad"

BradThe grouch; pessimist and complainer. A loner that only likes the company of his coffee

Animal: Jayhawk
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 235
Age: 18

Quote: "Where's my @#$% espresso maker??"

Major: Law

Room: 303 (Roommate to Kevin & Tony)

The consummate grump, Brad can see the down side to anything. Not very much is known about him since he tends to be a a loner and keeps to himself. Brad SketchHe is famous for his very short temper, but he's only belligerent if provoked; if you leave him alone, he'll probably leave you alone. He's equally famous for his addiction to caffeine and inability to use anything mechanical. Beyond that, he's a bit of a mystery. Having moved here from Texas, he has few ties to his hometown and appears to dislike his family for undisclosed reasons. Oh, and there's the baseball cap he wears everywhere -- yes, EVERYWHERE. One might guess he has ssues he's still sorting out, but that remains to be seen ...

Human Version:
Human Brad

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