The Class Menagerie Classic!
The Class Menagerie ... Classic?! What's this all about? Read this and find out!

[Fade In on a studio interior. Kevin and Cindy sit in director chairs]

Kevin: Hi, I'm Kevin Nekohashi.

Cindy: And I'm Cindy Rydelle.

Kevin: No doubt you recall us from our escapades in the popular online comic The Class Menagerie.

Cindy: Tonight we'd like to present a fitting tribute to that same comic, and the man behind it all, Vince Suzukawa.

[They both stand and start to walk across camera, passing the set of the Richter Hall Third Floor interior]

Kevin: Over the past five years you've all laughed and cried with us as our four day a week comic's goine out to thousands of appreciative and happy readers.

Cindy: From killer ants to beach parties, we've done it all.

Kevin: So, you'll excuse us if we have to get a move on - after all, there's so much to go back and relive!

Cindy: That's right, Kevin. Tonight we have exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews, alternate endings to various plotlines and our own very first Pantsdown.

Kevin: That's our .. Pantsdown? What's a-

[Cindy grabs Kevin's pants by the waist and yanks them down to ankle level]

Cindy: PANTSDOWN! Ha ha ha ha haaa!

Kevin: Hey!

THE CLASS MENAGERIE: THE END by nslashk Click here to read the rest of the story!!!

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April 2, 2003

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